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Museum Tour

31 Mar

by Stella De Genova

I went out of my comfort zone last week and went to the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art.  Fellow blogger and published author, Beth Finke also attended and asked if I would like to write a guest piece about our museum day for her Safe & Sound blog.  I did!  And you can read all about it at Blind at the Museum of Contemporary Art.

The Small Sculpture Speaks

28 Mar

by Nancy Scott

I like to think

That my conception

Brought her pleasure—

I with this trinket-box body

And blond doll’s head.


My right hand

Is a measuring spoon;

My left

Dangling worry beads.


My right foot

Is a branch;

My left

A carving knife.


My public history lives

In the tiny book

Attached to my back.

My glass heart lives

Inside hinged, dollar-store wood.


I am so much more

Than my oddness

And my parts.


Nancy Scott’s over 650 essays and poems have appeared in magazines, literary journals, anthologies, newspapers, and as audio commentaries. She has a new chapbook, The Almost Abecedarian (on Amazon), and won First Prize in the 2009 International Onkyo Braille Essay Contest. Recent work appears in Breath and Shadow, Braille Forum, Disabilities Studies Quarterly, Philadelphia Stories, and Wordgathering.

Women’s History Month

17 Mar

by Stella De Genova

Since March is Women’s History Month, we must take a moment to think about and recognize important blind women. Saying that, we will all think of Helen Keller: her strength and fortitude, her struggles as well as her accomplishments.  And of course, her contributions to the blind and deaf community.  But I would suggest that we also take some time to appreciate and sing the praises of blind women that we know of or know personally.  I know blind women who work, volunteer and organize.  I know blind women who take care of families and homes.  And I know blind women who write, paint and sculpt.  They are all courageous, strong and inspiring.  And these women are special, not just because they overcome obstacles.  To me they are special because they do what they do, not for recognition, but out of love for themselves, others and life.  You know who you are – I appreciate you and all you’ve done.  Happy Women’s Month!

Night Colors

4 Mar

by Valerie Moreno

My night colors shine in dazzling array,  

gleaming sun in a brilliant sky  

clouds rich and white as vanilla frosting  

thick green my feet sink in  

water bubbling like chrystal ice


Yes, I see these colors  

vivid with unbridled clarity  

when sleep turns my brain-camera  

to high definition.


I see your face

close up, your eyes  

meeting mine in sweet truth.


I feel your hug,  

your love around me,  

fighting the alarm  

pulling me in to wakefulness.


Now, it’s all a memory-  

and an anxious wait for night  

when blindness goes away  

and I will see again


Valerie Moreno is 59 and a published writer. She writes poetry, memoir, fiction and articles. Her eye disease is ROP (Retinopathy of Prematurity. Some favorite hobbies include reading, raised line drawing, music and singing.