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27 Jan

Poetry is what Milton saw when he went blind.” –

(Don Marquis (1878-1937), U.S. humorist, journalist)

What Defines Us

16 Jan

by Stella De Genova

When I was a kid, I was a 6 year-old with glasses because of myopia. I had “night blindness” due to my retinitis pigmentosa (RP) but that wasn’t diagnosed yet so my tripping over or running into things in the dark was chalked up to my near-sightedness and being a little clumsy.

No one knew or thought of me as being blind or having a disability. There were no over-protective limitations set on me as worried parents are known to do.  So when my interest went in the direction of art, I had all of the crayons, colored pencils, drawing pads and construction paper a blooming young artist could ask for.  Even after my RP was diagnosed when I was 16 years old, I majored in art in high school, and planned on attending an art academy post high school.  As far as any of us were concerned, I just had to be careful in the dark, but otherwise my daytime vision was correctable.

As time has passed, my RP has progressed, and even in good light, things are quite blurry and much of the time, colorless. I use a white cane when moving around outside of my home.  But my artwork has been my oldest friend and it still is.  I may have changed when and where and how I do my artwork but if I have to define who I am, I am an artist, a mother, a wife.  Blind is much further down the list because it’s something I live with, not who I am.

So it’s not so much that I have this great positive attitude toward my blindness. It’s just that I look at it as something I live with but it’s not who I am.  And now that the holidays and all of the attached obligations are over, it’s time to get back to some painting!

Stella De Genova posts submissions by blind and visually impaired authors on this blog, as well as some of her own.   You can see her artwork at:

So ‘Tis With Everything

3 Jan

by T. Easton

Some say the seas cover the Earth

Like oceans of love cover a life

And when the wind howls through the trees

This hope shall comfort me


The darkness surrounds the stars but they fight

Till mercy reveals the dawn’s precious light

Since days turn to nights and nights turn to days

I shall not be afraid


The wintertime snow falls from the sky

As seasons bring change I laugh then I cry

And beautiful flowers bloom in the spring

So ‘tis with everything.

Toby T. Easton was born and raised in Detroit, MI where he lived in a government subsidized housing project. After completing graduate school, he relocated to Raleigh, NC where he currently resides. Toby is a freelance writer and poet. He also works in the mental healthcare field as a licensed therapist. Toby decided to become a therapist in order to satiate his desire to help others discover a means by which they can transform tragic life circumstances into moments of beauty. Toby’s poetry often reflects his experiences with drug and alcohol addiction, physical abuse, and neglect; as well as a long and arduous struggle to rebuild his life after going blind from RP.