Poetry and short essays cannot be posted directly onto Vision Through Words.  All pieces must be submitted by e-mail to   Please make your submission an attachment to your email (no more than 3 submissions per email).  Essays should not be more than 500 words.  It is not mandatory, but please try to include a few words about yourself: name, where you live, what your vision impairement is, how long you’ve lived with your disability.  Submissions will be chosen by quality of content and literary structure.  We welcome creative writing relating to personal experiences, learning or teaching moments or the feelings that have come to you as a person with vision loss. 

POLICIES:  1.  We reserve the right to do minor editing; 2.  Poems and essays must be the original work of the writer; 3.  Authors who are legally blind are given priority. Exceptions may be made when a piece is judged to be of reader interest and must pertain to a relationship or experience with a visually impaired person.

RESPONSE:  Submissions will be taken on a continuous basis.  You can expect to receive a response to your submission within two (2) weeks of the date of the submission.

RIGHTS:  All rights to copyrights belong to the writer and will be posted on Visions Through Words only upon permission of the writer.  If, in the future, a request has been offered to Vision Through Words to share a poem or essay with another resource, the writer will be contacted for permission and that piece will be shared only upon permission of the writer.

THANK YOU for your interest in writing a poem or short essay for Vision Through Words.  We welcome the submission of freelance material for possible publication and offer our guidelines to help you achieve a readable and informative addition to the blog.

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