Night Colors

4 Mar

by Valerie Moreno

My night colors shine in dazzling array,  

gleaming sun in a brilliant sky  

clouds rich and white as vanilla frosting  

thick green my feet sink in  

water bubbling like chrystal ice


Yes, I see these colors  

vivid with unbridled clarity  

when sleep turns my brain-camera  

to high definition.


I see your face

close up, your eyes  

meeting mine in sweet truth.


I feel your hug,  

your love around me,  

fighting the alarm  

pulling me in to wakefulness.


Now, it’s all a memory-  

and an anxious wait for night  

when blindness goes away  

and I will see again


Valerie Moreno is 59 and a published writer. She writes poetry, memoir, fiction and articles. Her eye disease is ROP (Retinopathy of Prematurity. Some favorite hobbies include reading, raised line drawing, music and singing.


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