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30 Nov

by Valerie Moreno

I stand alone

shivering in chilly,

condescending winds of



You are “too busy”

to give me a chance,

look at me as a

person instead of a

symbol of blindness.


You won’t meet me

half-way, I feel it

like a hard slap against my cheek.


Rejection stings for a time,

reminding me to appreciate my self…

Again, I gather my strength,

assess my ability,

believing someone wiser will

accept who I am.

But know everything lost will be recovered

when you drift in to the arms

of the undiscovered

Valerie Moreno is 59 and a published writer. She writes poetry, memoir, fiction and articles. Her eye disease is ROP (Retinopathy of Prematurity. Some favorite hobbies include reading, raised line drawing, music and singing.