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Hello God

30 May

by Pamela Berman

Hello G-d! My name is Pamela Berman, but of course, you know that (smile). I appreciate you taking the time to hear me out today. You know this blindness thing you’ve bestowed on me is really quite an irritant. I know I was diagnosed at 7 years old but why has it taken me pretty much the past 40+ years to adjust? You know, I feel I have to ask you but in another way, I feel I know the answers. So, I guess you can call that a rhetorical question. I don’t like being blind, that you know, but it’s only because I so want to experience all of the beauty & greatness you’ve created in this world or am I just nosey & a busy body needing to see everything…grin !

That said I must say thank you so very much for the greatest gift of all—my children! My boys are the most amazing people I’ve ever known & to think that I gave birth to them just awes me every time. Maybe sometime if you have an opportunity, you could give me a sneak peek at my boys? Shh…I wouldn’t have to tell anyone (smile). No!  Who am I kidding? I’d want to tell everyone! I don’t really need to see my boys, for I don’t need eyesight to see what they are really about. You gave me the perfect partner in Mary to raise children. Our boys are the perfect parts of both of us. That is so incredible I don’t know how you did that but Thank You! It’s just like how you’ve matched me to the perfect guide dog. I don’t know how that’s done either but it is magical…just like Excel or Disney World! There is so much badness in the world & it’s so easy to go there & feel sadness & depression. I know that in the past, that could be an easy task for me, but not who I am & not how I want to be thought of.

I just want to tell you thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for the life you’ve bestowed on me & the journey you’ve allowed me to take. Some of it wouldn’t be my choice if I had one, but the lessons I’ve been learning & the knowledge I’ve come away with is so incredibly rewarding. I’d have to say that my most favorite thing you’ve given me is the wonderful people that I get to meet; from my parents & grandparents all the way to the homeless man on the street who helps me find my way. Your job must be such a difficult one & one I would never want to undertake. I want you to know I’m appreciative & think you’re doing an amazing job…Thank you!!

Pamela Berman has had retinitis pigmentosa since childhood.  She is active in the blind and sighted community and loves children.  She lives with loving her partner, Mary of 20 years + and 2 awesome sons.  Pam’s essay comes from the 2nd writing workshop she attended at Second Sense blind service organization.