Unwanted News

15 Apr

by Charlie Tarantola

You know the news that’s coming when you get a visual field test done and most of the test is done before you see anything. You know you’re in trouble. You just about cry when you finally see the flashes. You know you can see some, but seeing the flashes reminds you, all is not lost -well at least for now.

When they are done with their torture, or testing as they call it, you go back into a room and wait for the doctor to tell you the bad news you are sure you are going to get. While waiting, you hear a nurse ask the doctor about being allowed to give another patient medicine to lower the eye pressure.  You think, someone else across the building is also slowly, but surely going blind. Well at least you’re not alone.

He taps the door. “I wish I had good news,” he mutters, “but I don’t.” He says what your vision is doesn’t matter anymore, because you were already legally blind. He says “I will fill out any forms you need and see you next year.”

You use your cane and walk out of the room. Standing on the street corner, you think to yourself, “Now I can apply to Seeing Eye because now I am ”really blind”.” Even on the worst day of my life, I still have to and will think positive. I listen, cross the street and hope I don’t miss the train.

Charlie Tarantola has been somewhere in between sighted and blind all of his life. Cortical blindness changed that. Growing up, he was taught to be strong, be brave, and be hopeful. He was lucky enough to have relatives who showed him being blind doesn’t mean your life ends


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