A Love Poem

14 Feb

by Mani G. Iyer

On the sofa for two

under dim lights, we snuggle.

She’s reading a poem to me

in her patient voice

as she does every night,

a page a night.


This November night, Hafiz declares:

The subject tonight is love

and for tomorrow night as well.

As a matter of fact, I know of no better topic

for us to discuss until we die!


Who does Hafiz want to discuss love with?


I think it is an earthy woman

he did not have to go far to find.

Her breath, an ocean breeze,

she smells of fragrant flowers

with hints of soil pounded by recent rain.

Her silent wisdom resonates sure

as the chime from a temple bell.

Her heart swells with giving

forgiving and forgetting,

reading a love poem

one November night

to an enchanted poet.


Mani G. Iyer was born and raised in Bombay, India and has lived in the United States since 1985. He is deaf-blind due to Usher Syndrome.  He became deaf by the age of 4, night-blind by the age of 12, and now has very little usable vision.  Writing has always been a passion for Mani.He has done a writing fellowship at the Vermont Studio Center and is now working on his MFA in Poetry at Lesley University.  He is one of the first and favorite contributors to Vision Through Words.


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