The Circle

8 Nov

by Jim Holzman

Two ambulances screaming down different streets

to the same ER with polar opposite stories to tell…..


Bobby got a brand new gun,

after work he was headed to the shooting range

to have some fun.


Leslie’s race is nearly run

soon she’d welcome to the world

a brand new son.


Later that night

Bobby got into a drunken fight. So wired,

he didn’t feel any of the shots that were fired.


If the doctor was right she would need all her might.

Leslie was beyond tired,

soon to arrive, the boy they both desired.


In a hospital bed as he clings to life

screams of denials come from his wife.

How did things get so bad? Was a secret part of her glad?


Leslie starting to push, the doctor exclaims, “I can see his tush!”

Her husband’s life that he thought to be so bad

completely changes when the nurse calls him dad.


A man dies,

A baby cries,

The circle of life.


Jim Holzman has RP, is a volunteer at Second Sense blind service organization in Chicago and likes to hide his talents – such as being a poet! His first attempt at poetry at our writing workshop could just lead to a new journey.


One Response to “The Circle”

  1. Andrea November 8, 2015 at 6:59 PM #

    Keep on writing, Jim!

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