A Cane and a Guide Dog

5 Oct

by Jenny Marie

I swing my cane back and forth, next to me my friend with less vision than I, moves more smoothly. There is a difference in us that everyone can see. His quick clip is hard to keep up with. I know he doesn’t mean to leave me in his dust, but he does. If I wasn’t with him as we walk through the city I know someone would try to offer to help me. Is it the presence of his German shepherd guide? Or is it the beauty of a man and dog moving together as one? I don’t honestly know; I am just grateful for no one feeling the need to “help me”.

We both stop at the curb. This one I can tell easily because of the way it feels under my cane. Zeus (the guide) stopped before me though. “Wait for it”, I tell my friend. I am more fearful of stepping out into the street then he. We both listen to traffic the pattern changes, and we both step off. We both almost jog across, you see this isn’t a good area to cross because of how the drivers are.

I end up off to the right, he I know ended up at the right place. He calls for me to come over. My cane taps the pole next to me. I walk back over to him swinging it along the way, and I know he is holding in a laugh. “So how are the applications going?” he asks cheerfully.

“We can talk at the café” I tell him.

Once we reach the café I fold up my cane, and set it next to me. Zeus lays under the small table, and I assume his head sticks out at the sound our waitress makes. He is a beautiful dog sir’’, her voice chirps. I roll my eyes behind my sunglasses. As I know what is coming next.

‘’Please don’t pet him, Miss’’.

We order I can tell by his tone he wants her to go away.

I look at him and ask ‘’is it worth it?’’

“Yes,” he states, “very much so.”

‘’Even with all of that?’’

‘’The freedom Zeus gives me is worth, so much more than the drama his presence creates’’.

‘’Think you have a point, which is why I am talking to schools about getting a guide in the near future.’’

He leans closer, so I can see his bright smile, he reaches for arm, and tells me how happy he is. I know now my future involves fast pace walking, talking as I do so, less worry, but people wanting to pet the “puppy’’. Will it be worth when it is all said and done part of me doesn’t know…..

“I am Jenny, blogger, writer, reader and friend. As result of a horse accident, I have CVI cordial visual impairment, which mostly effects children.” See Jenny’s blog is https://blindhorsegirl.wordpress.com/


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