The Blind Football Player

3 Jun

by David Flament

After I bumped into the car stopped in the crosswalk having been distracted by a good intentioned passerby, I had a thought.  Losing your vision is a lot like playing football.  Now I am sure some of you are saying “What?  That is crazy.”  Let me explain.

In the game of football every player will make a bad play at some point during the game.  The good players realize that everyone can make a mistake and they continue to play as they had been doing before the bad play.  However, after making a bad play the bad player begins to doubt his skills and technique and the next thing you know, he’s making more mistakes.  Having confidence in your skills is just like being a good football player.  Do not let one mistake cause you to abandon your training.

You notice I used the word training.  Here is another way football is like losing your vision.  Football players do not just walk out on the field and play.  There is tons of training and preparation that goes on before they walk out on the field.  Coaches have probably been working with them all their lives, teaching them about how to play the game.

When you are losing your vision you do not just pick up a cane and know how to use it.  Just like the football player you need training before you are ready to hit the streets.  Getting training from a certified O&M (Orientation and Mobility) instructor is a must for safe travel and will help you to develop those good skills I mentioned earlier.  Getting ILS (Independent Living Skills) training is also important.  It will help you continue to work in your kitchen, around the house and even in the workplace.  Also, you can get AT (Adaptive Technology) training which will let you continue to use technology to do all the things you did with technology before your vision loss.

Finally, those good football players do not start out having tons of confidence in their skills.  That comes with getting the training.  So too will your confidence grow as you get the right training.  Good luck and have a good game!

David Flament is the lead instructor for all training classes and workshops on adaptive technology at Second Sense blind service organization.  “I love technology and want to share my passion — working with our clients is the most rewarding part of my job.”  David’s teaching philosophy follows an old Chinese proverb: “Teachers open the door. You enter by yourself.” He will do his best to help students understand the materials and he expects them to do their best to learn.  David has a Bachelor of Arts in Education and a Master of Science in Computer Science from Northeastern Illinois University.


One Response to “The Blind Football Player”

  1. Rebecca DeGeorge June 14, 2015 at 11:24 AM #

    Terrific analogy!

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