4 May

by Jyothi Priya Angiya

Somewhere alone in the quiet expanse of her mind,

she knew she was beautiful and she swore


Of what she hated, she never wore

and of what she never wore was what she needed most


Conspiring dark thoughts of a flaw she thought had

all fear, she dared never to anyone clad


She struggled imperceptibly hard as a result, much to her woes

And thus, nothing seemed smooth like in a flow


Wherever she went, her eyes stung

to the percept of beauty all around wrung


And bitterly remembered the medic tell blunt

of what she feared as if a dangerous stunt


Inspected girls her age, who as pretty as she

Impeccable, immaculate and needing no more, that is all what she could see


And in vain, wondered if she could like them, ever be

Insatiated, she decided to try and see


Yet, none understood what she felt deep

Of perfection so much she craved to reap


Little by little cornered, shame and diffidence come

What a Herculean task to overcome


Till she decided she was no fun

Taking out from her bag her self-forbidden, large eyewear

perched it up on her nose and whatsoever, finally gave no care

Jyothi Priya Angiya is a PhD Scholar from the English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad in the department of English Literature.  Jyothi was diagnosed with Corneal Dystrophy during childhood and since then has been undergoing treatment from LV Prasad Eye Institute, Hyderabad.


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