Someone to Love

6 Apr

by David Flament

I had an interesting thought on my commute to work this morning.  What is it that Freddie Mercury said, “Can anybody find me someone to love?”  As the lyrics to that Queen song ran through my head, I put some serious thought into it.  After all we all do need someone to love.  For some, love is as easy as breathing.  For others like me, it is a lifelong struggle.

Why is it that for some they can meet someone and just fall in love and for others it is so difficult?  I have reached middle age never having been married and only having been in a few serious relationships.  Of course, part of it may be that it has to be the right person.  I do not mean the perfect person, but at least someone that you have the right chemistry with.  You know, someone that moves you.  Perhaps for some there are plenty of people that make them feel that way.  For me, it does not seem to be that many.

For those with a disability, how much does that impact our search?  With vision loss we may not be able to just go to a singles bar and meet someone, and what are your chances of finding Mr. or Miss Right at a singles bar anyway?  Much of meeting someone seems to be done with non-verbal communication.  You know those signals people send showing their interest and availability.  Well, depending on your level of vision loss you may not be able to pick up those signals.

Finally, I do believe in the old saying there is someone out there for everyone.  I am just wondering if everyone manages to find that someone.   What do you think?

David Flament is the lead instructor for all training classes and workshops on adaptive technology at Second Sense blind service organization.  “I love technology and want to share my passion — working with our clients is the most rewarding part of my job.”  David’s teaching philosophy follows an old Chinese proverb: “Teachers open the door. You enter by yourself.” He will do his best to help students understand the materials and he expects them to do their best to learn.  David has a Bachelor of Arts in Education and a Master of Science in Computer Science from Northeastern Illinois University.


2 Responses to “Someone to Love”

  1. Andrea April 7, 2015 at 9:00 AM #

    The Chicago Public Library offers monthly book clubs. The titles are available on BARD. The majority of the participants are friendly, welcoming, well-read women. After a lively discussion, someone just might enjoy continuing the discussion over coffee.

  2. Fred Nickl April 7, 2015 at 9:33 AM #

    David maybe it’s time to revive a program the Guild had a number of years ago. The group met in the early evening so working people could attend. They discussed ways of dealing with social situations in the sighted world.

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