About Connecting

18 Feb

by Stella De Genova

I just read my friend, Jeff Flodin’s post, Connections, which you can find at his blog, Jalapenos in the Oatmeal: digesting blindness.  As usual, Jeff has hit it on the mark.  It makes me think of all of the different places and positions I’ve been in in my life – all of the different hats I’ve worn so to speak.  From daughter to wife and mother; from student to being in the real world and finding a job that I could raise a family with and from marriage to divorce to marriage again.  Through all of it, I’d say being the blind person in the room has been the hardest to accept and most difficult to maneuver.  I think it is most difficult when people think of you as blind and look no deeper.  I’ve learned to accept the blind hat (for the most part) but I don’t want that to be the first and last thing that defines me.  Take time to know me on a deeper level than what you see on the surface.  I may be the person you see having trouble finding a doorway but I’m also the person who took care of the family, the home, the bills, the job.  So yes, connect and talk and let’s learn about each other.


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