Listening to Rain

3 Dec

by Charlotte Poetschner

I once heard a blind scholar
Speak on the radio
About his academic pursuits and how these shifted
With the blinking out of his eyes.
The broadcast caught his voice and the chuckle of thunder,
As the man led the way from office to classroom.
In spite of it all,
He said he liked how the rain
Gave him back the sky.
In mist, whisper light upon his eyelids,
He saw the curved bottom of the clouds.
Touching everything
Like a universal cane tip,
Hissing on pavement,
Tapping the umbrella of the trees,
Knocking along gutters, edging the roofline,
The rain sketched in quick pencil greys,
as he walked by.

Charlotte Poetschner is a lifelong writer and poet. She is unpublished at this time, but is working on her first novel manuscript. For over twenty years, her main writing commitments involved preparing a weekly sermon, creative dramas and liturgies for worship and essays for church newsletters for her ministry as a Presbyterian pastor. Charlotte has been blind herself from diabetic retinopathy since 1986.


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