Black Dot

26 Jun

by Dihann Flowers

Black Dot, would you please move,
You’re constantly blocking my view
Every time I try to see things clearly
You forbid me to.
Black Dot, I pretend you don’t exist,
But that only causes distance,
Between friends and family I don’t speak to in public places,
Simply because I can’t see their faces.
Yet, when I try to explain it’s because of you,
They still don’t believe it’s true.
When it comes to vision, they don’t understand there are many levels of in-between,
Instead they base their ideas on what they’ve seen.
A person is either blind or sighted.
I’m starting to realize you’re not going anywhere
And wish I could honestly say “I don’t care”,
But the truth is, I dread your presence every day,
And pray to God that you would just go away.
Regardless of how much I pray, Black Dot, you’re still here,
Ironically, I think you’re starting to make things clearer.
Since you refuse to go,
I’m forced to use another approach.
A strategy that will give me a peace of mind,
And help me get through the rough times.
Instead of allowing you to limit me
I will find new ways to help me see.
I will try my best to accept and adapt to you
Although it‘s the last thing I thought I would ever do.
Black Dot, eventually I won’t notice you.


Dihann Flowers is a new writer to the Words Wide Open writing workshop at Second Sense blind service organization.  She thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and her first poem was appreciated by all.


One Response to “Black Dot”

  1. audreydemmitt June 27, 2014 at 8:42 AM #

    Very nice! It is filled with the emotions and frustratins of adjusting to vision loss but moves toward acceptance. I like the personification of “the Black Dot”…

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