23 May

by Valerie Moreno

all I perceive
is swept away-
every anchor lost,
life fact dulling
first to smokey swirling gray
ending in still, crushing black
World upside down,
I am suspended
between reality
and memory
just beyond my reach…
nothing but absence
and grief
for all I have lost,
the brilliance of sky,
fullness of sun,
the sparkle of love
in someone’s eyes.
Heavy endless black
banishes color
and awareness
I can never replace…
like church bells
in moaning wind,
a flicker of last embers
of a dying fire,
singular vessel
on a sea,
I search for clarity
in tar-thick isolation


Valerie Moreno is 59 and a published writer. She writes poetry, memoir, fiction and articles. Her eye disease is ROP (Retinopathy of Prematurity. Some favorite hobbies include reading, raised line drawing, music and singing.



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