9 May

by Audrey Demmitt

(Note from Stella @ Vision Through Words**  We are doing our 2nd creative writing workshop called Words Wide Open at Second Sense blind service organization.  This sounds like a great exercise in relaying a mood, an idea, a story in the precisest way possible.  Give it a try yourself!) A story in fifty words…no more…no less.

The Daily Post Challenge: Fifty.

Tensely gripping the armrests, she received the ophthalmologist’s proclamation. The weight of it slammed into her chest.

“You will lose your vision…nothing can be done…”

He placed the heavy mantle of loss over her shoulders and a darkness settled upon her.

“Go now and live your life…” he said dispassionately.

Audrey Demmitt was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa at age 25 and has been legally blind since 1994.  She has used a guide dog for the last three years.  She is a retired  school nurse. Audrey lives in Georgia with her husband and three adult children.  See more from Audrey at her blog: Seeing Possibilities.

One Response to “Darkness”

  1. Krishna May 9, 2014 at 10:17 PM #

    precise and emotional. for the physician, declaring the loss of sight is just a matter of fact but for the affected, it’s a matter of life. replete with very good imagery. good poem!

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