Happily Ever After

7 Mar

by Fred Nikkl, Sr.

Once upon a time, (not standard time or daylight savings time,  but a completely different kind of time), there was a hamlet, the smallest of hamlets, high in the blue mountains.  “So,” you say. “There are many small hamlets.”  This one was small in every way.  The tallest of the people were no more than three feet tall.  An average height man as we know it could reach out and touch the roofs of many houses.  No one knows where the original settlers came from but legend has it that a traveling circus was lost in the woods and these are the only survivors.  They lived an idyllic life, living off the forest, hunting and gathering acorns.

“Traveler,” the listeners asked,  “What evil befell them?”

“Traveler, we have given you food and drink and brought you close to the hearth.  Where is the rest of the story?  Tell us of the pack of wolves that attacked them or of the evil queen that put them to sleep for a hundred years.  Did goblins come down from caves in the high mountains and eat their children?  There must have been a drought or a flood wiping out their hamlet.

“No,” the traveler says, “they are still there, dancing and playing their diminutive instruments around their hearths.”

The listeners began to murmur and complain about the story.  “This isn’t a story worthy of our hospitality!” they shouted.

In a trice they had the traveler by the collar and were dragging him out of the room and threw him into the street.

“A happy ending,“ they complained as they returned to their homes.  “Who has ever heard of such a thing?”

Fred Nikkl, Sr. is 69 years old and has fun writing.  He lost his sight when he was a young adult but has never let that stop him from being a good dad, grandfather, friend, advocate for the blind and generally nice guy.  Blindness has also never stopped his love for adventure, including dabbling in writing.  His previously posted story on Vision Through Words called Hope will be appearing on the Magnets and Ladders website for writers with disabilities.


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