13 Dec

by Fred Nikkl, Sr.

What a nice day, too bad I am on my way to work.  The sun feels warm on my face as I walk to the bus stop.  Sometimes, I just want to stop and let the sun and warm breeze soak into my pores.  Yes, and here is the place that always smells like onions.  I wonder what they do there?  One of these days I will stop and ask them, but not today.  Here’s Southport, let’s see if I can cross without getting killed.  No problem today.

 It’s my lucky day; the bus is empty, and air conditioned.  I can relax and enjoy the ride.  Oh no!  I have been day dreaming and lost track of the stops. 

 “Driver is this Diversey?”  He says ‘yes’ and pulls over to the curb.  Thank goodness I asked.  Wow, the smell of coffee is over powering!  The wind must be blowing from that coffee warehouse on Clybourn.   Wait a minute, this isn’t Diversey!  Where did that driver leave me?  Don’t panic, you know you’re on Ashland, so just think. 

 Wait, there’s a woman talking to someone.  “Ma’am.  Can you please tell me what street this is?” 

 “You’re not really blind.  You’re just doing this to get free drinks.”  “What is this woman saying?  It’s 12 noon and we are standing on the street. 

 How do I respond to that?  Is this a dream or a hallucination?  OK.  Here you go lady,” as I popped out one of my plastic eyes. 

 “Oh oh!” she says.

 Then a man says “”This is Leavitt” as I pop my eye back in. 

 “Thank you”  I say as I turn and walk away.

 That was kind of fun but not the best response to such stupidity.  The correct response would have been to patiently explain that I wasn’t looking for a drink but on my way to work.  Yes, that is what I should have done but this was so much more satisfying – and fun.

 Fred Nikkl lost his sight when he was a young man but that never stopped his love for adventure, including writing.  He joined us at the Words Wide Open writing workshop and has been published on Vision Through Words blog and the Magnets and Ladders website for writers with disabilities.


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