Words Wide Open writing workshop

22 Nov

by Stella De Genova

Jeff Flodin and I put together a writing workshop for the Creative Eye art therapy project at Second Sense: beyond vision loss.  The workshop took place on November 12th & 19th.  We shared our thoughts and others’ on the why, what and how we write.  We had a writing exercise and a writing assignment.  All of the participants were genuinely excited to be there and full of things to say.  More than a couple people thought they had no writing talent at all but were pleasantly surprised to find that everyone could write something that was enjoyable and meaningful for the whole group.  In the coming few weeks, we’ll post stories that were written for our workshop and we hope you enjoy them as much as we did.

Our writing exercise was to pick a season and complete some statements that were given.  Here’s a few of the responses:

My season moves like … a silent curtain of white.

My season moves like… the sun slowly sinking into the horizon.

My season’s job is… to make the other seasons feel more appreciated

My season wants me to see all of the goodness that is ahead for me.


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