The Silent Mirror

9 Aug

by Jyothsna Phanija

Spending years and years before the silent mirror,
Showing it who I am,
And pleading it show me what you think,
Grinning at it, and crying when it is still silent.

I took a big stone, and shattered it in to pieces,
Still it was silent.
I cursed, “You speak with many other women
Of my own age and beauty”

Grumbled, offended, tortured it and killed.
Betrayed, I found solace in others eyes,
And asked how do I look like?
“Beautiful”… I expected”.

Jyothsnaphanija (23) is visually challenged from birth. She is a doctoral candidate at the Department of English Literature, English and Foreign Languages University in Hyderabad, India. She has done her Masters in English Literature from the same University and was a gold medalist in BA, English Literature. Her poetry has been published in Luvah: Journal of the Creative Imagination, Coldnoon – Travel Poetics, Tajmahal Review, Kritya, eFiction India, Miracle Literature and Art magazine, Fragrance, Induswoman Writing and forth coming in Skeleton’s Anthology, FCWE, Solstice Initiative ETC.  Her academic writings have appeared in Subalternspeak: An International Journal of Postcolonial Studies, eDhvani, UoH Journal of Comparative Literature, Wizcraft Journal of Language and Literature, BarnolipiAn International Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences. Her essay “Resistance from Ruins: An Exploration of Indian Female Gothic Narratives” has been published in the book Indian Women Novelists: A Critical Spectrum (2012), and “Picturing India from Colonial Past to Postcolonial Paradigms: A Critical Analysis of selected plays of Indian women dramatists” in the book Contemporary Indian Drama in English. Currently she is in the editorial team of   The Criterion: An International Journal in English.


One Response to “The Silent Mirror”

  1. Mujtaba Merchant August 11, 2013 at 7:35 AM #

    Beautiful! The mirror did not talk to you but your poem tells me you are beautiful. Simply loved your thoughts and words.

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