Birds of a Feather

2 Aug

by Stella De Genova

Have you been asked, “Do you hang out with blind people or sighted people?”  When I first heard this question, it threw me off a little and I wasn’t sure how I was supposed to answer.  I almost felt bad to say that I didn’t just hang out with other visually impaired people.   Maybe I’m not blind enough yet to “stick with my own kind” or maybe I haven’t accepted my position in life yet.  Honestly, I just can’t wrap my head around this one.  I’ve raised my kids to be open-minded and accept all people on an individual basis and in doing so, you find you have all kinds of acquaintances and friends.  Would I tell my own kids to only hang out with people of the same ethnicity, religion or sexual preference?  Or would I tell them to only associate with someone who walks this way but not that way?  And how would I feel if I heard someone asking another if they would be friends with a blind person?

There are times that only another blind person can fully understand what we experience and it’s good to have friends you can share these moments with.  But I don’t choose to have blind friends for therapeutic reasons.  I like them and I would even like them if they could see! Seeing that I’m the only person in my family that is legally blind and none of my old friends are blind, I’d have to give up on a lot of people to only stick to the blind community.  So if I’m ever asked that question again, I think I am more prepared to answer proudly that I have good family, dear old friends and a lot of wonderful new visually impaired friends, all of whom I love and none of whom I’d give up for anything.

2 Responses to “Birds of a Feather”

  1. Mani G. Iyer August 2, 2013 at 10:00 AM #

    Despite being visually impaired, you hit the nail right! 🙂 Keep writing.

  2. Al DeGenova August 2, 2013 at 10:07 AM #

    how positive you are!

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