29 Jul

by Roselyn Perez (reposted)

Those pieces which remain unshattered,
Gleam with a brilliance that dazzles the eye,
But, saddens the Heart, eats the spirit,
Like the firelight that must slowly die,
Even as its passion burns,
Yet this broken thing, this bird with one working wing,
Seeks to soar, smash through the latched door,
As one of fate’s many battered children,
It’s compromised, but not quite lost,
Every scar a point of pride,
A high mark on the test of time,
Dark horse’s universe in its prime,
Still waiting for the truth to shine through,
Life, imperfect, avant garde.


Roselyn Perez is the fifth of six children, all girls.  Two of her sisters, as well as herself have lived with retinitis pigmentosa all of their lives.  She is 25 years old, resides in Southern California, and is studying creative writing at CSUN.  Her poems have been featured in Eclipse, Literary Journal, Think Journal, and Magnets and ladders.


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