21 Jun

by Nancy Scott

Every season sends perfect days
to remind us to love land and sky.
I test my fit in less clothes.
The ceiling fan tones low-hum summer,
not yet ticking over work.
 I will sit in slanted morning sun
or late-afternoon creative shade
and be grateful to step outside
to a private place
suspended three floors up.
Tomorrow, I will lose delight.
Tomorrow, I will mind stuck sameness.
Tomorrow, obstacles could fix my pace.
Tomorrow, I will crave what is not in the house.
Tomorrow, I will try not to forget today.
Tomorrow, the forecast will say, “Needed rain.”

Nancy Scott, Easton, PA, is a blind essayist and poet.  Her over 600 bylines have appeared in magazines, literary journals, anthologies and newspapers, and as audio commentaries. An essayist and poet, she has published three chapbooks. She won First Prize in the 2009 International Onkyo Braille Essay Contest. Recent work appears in Breath and Shadow, Contemporary Haibun Online, and Stone Voices.



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