The Kiss

10 Feb

by Robert Kingett

We slowly draw closer in the enveloping blackness. My porch light illuminates his chocolate face as we draw closer, collapsing the distance of our feelings. Crickets cheer us on in this game of chance. The warm air places a heavy blanket of absolute around us; our breathing becomes one breath as we clash lips. Our lips rest lightly on clouds, no longer rooting us. A new kind of fire erupts between our locked passions, igniting our experience with a feverish fervor. We burn down any doubt in our minds with this towering flame of refuge. The sounds around us conduct the perfect beat for this pleasant song. My small lips gently continue to communicate urge with his. His fiery candles instantly kindle my soul. The sounds around us stop abruptly to give us privacy. Way off in the distance, violins play in both of our fantasies, never wanting this testament of love to end. We both are blankets rapping up our adoration for the past, present, and future. We pull away, letting the flame dwindle slowly. We gaze at each other knowing the imperative message that we just told each other. The fire crackles and pops but it never fizzles out, even years later.


Robert Kingett was born prematurely and was put in an incubator because his lungs weren’t developing adequately.  The oxygen levels were not monitored properly and it caused him to have cerebral palsy and blindness   He was raised by his grandmother in Florida until he was 8 yrs. old and then lived with his biological mother in an abusive environment until he was 17. He was emancipated, graduated high school in 2010 and through his own research, discovered and now lives at Friedman Place in Chicago.  Robert is currently an honors student at The City College of Chicago getting his general transfer degree.  He’s a writer, having published many reviews, literary essays, poems, and accessibility related articles for a wide range of media  Read all about his inspiring life at  and his blog at  .


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