Shore of Hope

21 Sep

by Jamie Marks

When day is done
The setting sun
may not be something feared
with slender sures
and moving floors
a hopeful path appears
Certain waves
come crashing in
cresting minutes into years
it isn’t then
but if and when
that salt brings
Better tears
So once again
we come with friends
to meet on sanded boards
and hand in hand
Join gazes forward
we walk until the end
Hope is the shore of reality when we set our sights forward.

 Jamie Marks 45 years old and orginally from Brooklyn- Atlanta-Pennsylvania.  She is one of six generations of Retinitis Pigmentosa- including her great-great aunt, great grandmother, grandfather, mother, herself- her two children- Kayla-16, and Joshua- age 11.  Jamie taught special education for 15 years and just finished her second graduate degree in Vision Rehabilitation Therapy (VRT).  She and her family are very involved in the research and fundraising of Foundation Fighting blindness and have worked with doctors and researchers at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and the University of Pennsylvania.  They have been able to identify their family gene, participate in specialized genetic studies, and contribute valuable date for future clinical trials.  To learn more, go to:


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