Talking With My Muse

3 Sep

by Nancy Scott

My muse and I were re-reading Stella’s piece that advised “Make something.  Make a difference.”  My muse said, “Stella’s right.  Art is a good way to stir up the world for a long time.”

I said, “But Stella can do lots of things.  I have written about all that stuff, of course.  My writing is full of my not being able to draw, sculpt, garden.  And my regular readers know I hate to cook.”

Muse:  “You do create amazing concoctions out of leftovers.  And we have gotten writing mileage out of your inabilities.”

Me:  “So when I write it’s ‘we’?”

Muse:  “Of course.  You have the time and desire, and I think deeply.  But you couldn’t have your cool identity without me.  Without me, you’d just be another lazy blind person.  Because we get published, people think your weirdness is artistic.”

Me:  “Oh really.  Well let me ask you this:  If you are the co-creator of ‘our’ best achievement, why can’t you let me write serious long pieces?  You know, the ones people get awards and money for?  I (‘we’) ramble if I go on too long, and I have that lunatic family history.  Why can’t we use it to brand confessional advantage?”           Muse:  “Sigh.  Okay.  So I’m a smart-ass.  And I’m impatient.  You want prestigious publication and fame.  I just want audiences.  We make people think, with our short cleverness.  And I’ve helped you take some interesting risks.  How many blind authors would intentionally team up with a visual artist?”

Me:  “Do you think writing is our best accomplishment?”

Muse:  “Of course.  I believe in us.  You are the one who’s surprised when people read our work.  Maybe next month I’ll let you sit on your Fall balcony and write pages of thought-provoking, empathic words without one wisecrack.”

Me:  “I can’t imagine it.”

Muse:  “Me either, yet.  But I’ll consider something longer while you dust and balance the checkbook and chat up the neighbors and figure out what to put with the tuna.  And there’s that NASA launch you’ll want to watch.  Thank God I don’t have to do any of that.”

Me:  “Don’t you inspire me in other areas too?”

Muse:  “Don’t be ridiculous.  We’ve been writing for over 30 years.  I’m a specialist.  Surely you’ve figured at least that much out?”

Nancy Scott, Easton, PA, is a blind essayist and poet.  Her over-500 bylines have appeared in magazines, literary journals, anthologies and newspapers, and as audio commentaries.  Her third chapbook, co-authored with artist Maryann Riker, is entitled “The Nature of Beyond.

**You can go to Vision Through Words May Archives to find “Make Something, Make a Difference.”


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