28 Aug

by Valerie Moreno

We are told to be strong
act “normal”
make the first move
prove we are
 just like everyone else
Then, people shout in our face
yank us across a street
ask the person with us
 what we’d like to eat
After all the assurances
playing down assumptions and
 comparisions to other unseeing people
I walk away alone,
 knowing I am not the only person
 who cannot see

Valerie Moreno is 57 years old.  She had partial vision until 1999 when it disappeared literally overnight.  Valerie’s eye disease is ROP (Retinopathy of Prematurity).  She is recently widowed, has a blind cat who she adores and loves to write.  She doesn’t have a computer, so she uses a phone voice-internet service called Net-By-Phone, which sends and receives email and browses the web.  Text emails and webpages are read in robotic speech and all texting is done via phone keypad.

Valerie says that Vision Through Words feels like a safe place to go to.  Thank you, Valerie!


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