Morning Meeting

17 Jul

by Sarah Martin

“Are you in trouble?” he asks me, and I look up as the first light of day emerges behind his body.

“No.”  I reply, puzzled by this strange mans question

“You are writing madly in your notebook.”  He says

“Oh” I am still puzzled.

“Are you in trouble?  Are you writing home to your family?” He asks again.

“No” I wonder why he thinks this “just my thoughts” I tell him.  I smile, and he returns the smile, his dark eyes sparkling from under his beanie.

“Poetry.” I add

“Oh you are a poet?”

“Hopefully.  Trying.”

The tram approaches.

“I am a night shift worker, and I dream of things like poetry.”  He begins to walk toward the tram.  Just as he is about to board the tram he turns back towards me.

“Good luck” looking me directly in the eye.  A connection with a stranger I had never felt before, like for this moment he understood everything about me.  “I might read about you one day.” He adds as he steps up onto the tram.

I am left with my thoughts.


Sarah Martin is in her 30’s and lives in Melbourne Australia.  She was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa at age 16.  Since that time, she has been on a journey of light and dark.  The one thing that has become clear over the past few years is Sarah’s passion and joy in poetry and exploring her world through words.


2 Responses to “Morning Meeting”

  1. sarahjmartin July 17, 2012 at 4:17 PM #

    Thanks so much for sharing this small, but defining story in my life 🙂

  2. Bee Williamson July 18, 2012 at 12:07 AM #

    hey sarah, I loved your blog piece and would love to read some of your poetry. do you a blog/site? I have a blog, “” and am looking for guest bloggers all the time. Just email me if your interested – e: – my blog is about art and poetry. My closest friend is vision impaired and a writer, Maribel Steel.
    hope to hear, take that notebook everywhere! Bee

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