The If/Then Promise

29 May

by Marilyn Brand-Smith

Give me a hard path to follow;
I will choose sturdy equipment;
Ask questions before I start
So I can plan and succeed.
Bury my dreams in a mysterious hole;
I will remove what covers them
So they can see light again,
Hold my attention.
Tell me I can’t reach what’s twice taller than me;
I will network, borrow a stepping stone,
Add it to my treasure trove
Of tricks already accomplished.
Withhold your friendships because, in your eyes,
Blindness makes me less than whole;
I will regret our mutual loss,
Find greener pastures.
If my patience and performance don’t equal your altitude expectations,
Influence your attitudes;
I’ll reluctantly nod,
Understanding that you don’t yet understand.


Marilyn Brandt Smith spent her childhood at the Texas School for the Blind (1955) and at home on a ranch in south Texas.  She taught children in summer programs and adults in year-round rehabilitation centers and in their homes. Marilyn also worked as a counselor and a director of rehabilitation for several agencies across the country. She is now totally blind and lives with her family in a hundred-year-old home in Louisville, Kentucky.


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