A Special Evening to Share

9 May

by Stella De Genova

This past weekend was our opening reception for the Visions In The Dark Art Show at the Calles y Suenos Gallery in Chicago.  The show exhibits the work of three visually impaired artists: David Simpson, Angela Geis and myself.  We also shared some of the poetry and essays that have been posted on this Vision Through Words blog.

Preparing for the show was a whole new experience for me since it was my first gallery show.  We all had our own art to finish, prepare and frame.  We met and exchanged phone calls to create and print up all of the promotional materials and press release for the show.  We traveled back and forth to the gallery and talked about the show to everyone we knew.  On the big day, we brought food, home-brewed beer and wine.  At 6:00, the art was hung and looking wonderful, the food and beverage tables were set and the guests arrived.  No more time for butterflies – it was showtime!  We had a big and enthusiastic crowd.  They enjoyed the artwork and very much enjoyed the readings.  We were also honored to have our own Jeff Flodin and Mani Iyer there for the reading.  We even had music playing that was all recorded by well-known blind musicians.  We had sighted and unsighted guests.  Everyone mingled and we gave sighted guide descriptions of the art to anyone who was interested in hearing about the artwork.

As artists, we are, of course, very happy to have a venue to share our art with others.  But above and beyond that, the intent of this art show was to communicate to others that as people with a  visual “disability,” we do not let that stop us from being creative.  We refuse to let our impairments limit us and in fact, it is our need to create that gives us strength.  We are able and willing to share in the beauty of life and interpret that through our art.  Our opening reception proved to be a beautiful night and who knows what’s to come.  The sky is the limit!


2 Responses to “A Special Evening to Share”

  1. Donna Dydo May 9, 2012 at 10:46 AM #

    The art show was magnificent. The turnout of family and friends was amazing and so pleasing to the artists. All of the hard work put into the show was evident and from here on in there will be more to look forward to. Kudos to all!

  2. Jeff Flodin May 10, 2012 at 4:51 PM #

    I was honored to be invited and to participate in the Visions in the Dark opening reception. Calles y Suenos was alive with energy and humming with activity. Mani and his wife came all the way from Boston and both read his works beautifully. I am especially indebted to Stella’s cousin Andrea, who read my Jalapenos blog, “If I Could See for Just One Day” better than I ever could. The gathering was a powerful statement of the abilities and energy of people for whom expectations are often sadly limited. As Stella has shown and stated, we are a force to be reckoned with.

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