Creative Person of the Week

27 Apr

Angela Geis (1966-present).   Angela Geis was born in Ohio and now lives in Chicago, IL.  She has been legally blind in both eyes since birth.  Over the years, she has developed many other eye conditions.  Currently, she has lost all vision in her right eye, and only has limited vision remaining in her left.

She first got interested in photography in college while pursuing her degree in psychology, looking at the effects of visual impairment on artistic style.  For Angela, photography became a way to extend her vision beyond her impairment.  She is able to compose a picture, set the exposure, and let the camera’s auto-focus capture details that she can’t see.  Only when she gets the photos processed and enlarged on her computer screen does she get to see the world that’s normally blurred.

As a photographer, Angela feels that black-and-white has more depth, history and emotion.  She uses very little digital editing and she prefers using film.  For her, photography is about capturing the world as it is, and digitally changing things to create an artificial image lessens the impact.  Angela is one of the 3 visually impaired artists participating in the Visions In The Dark Art Show on May 5, 2012, in Chicago.  Angela’s website is


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