A Little Blind Humor

17 Apr
(“The best medicine in life is laughter.”  This one is for you, Jeff!)

Non-seeing Eye Dog

A blind man was seen waiting at a street corner with his guide dog. After a short wait the dog started leading the blind man across the street against the red light.

First a car comes screeching to a halt inches away from him, but still the dog leads on, then a bicyclist almost wipes them out and curses as he goes by. Finally in the last lane a truck swerves and barely misses them.

After they reach the far corner the blind man reaches in his pocket and pulls out a cookie and offers it to the guide dog. At this point another person who has watched the entire episode interrupts asking why he was rewarding the dog after the dog had endangered his life and almost got him run over by a car, bicycle and truck.

The blind man responded: “I’m not rewarding him, I’m just trying to find out which end is his head so I can kick him in the ass.”


One Response to “A Little Blind Humor”

  1. Jeff Flodin April 24, 2012 at 8:44 AM #

    Thanks Stella, and I apologize for being a few days slow on the uptake. When I first returned home with Randy from our guide dog training in New Jersey, my neighbor asked if Randy was “food-driven.”
    “No,” I replied. “He’s obsessed.”
    Political correctness aside, guide dogs can inspire us to sing “You’ll Never Walk Alone” on dark and stormy nights. They can also exasperate us when they zigzag down Michigan Avenue following a trail of crumbs left by strolling diners. Bottom line for me is that Randy is great company and, with him, I feel much safer than using a cane alone. Dogs are not to everyone’s liking, so the phrase “to each his own” applies for one’s choice of mobility aids, but as for me, it’s a dog’s life.

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