The Stretching Fruit

13 Apr

by David Simpson

— This piece is an alternative mythological story about where gay people come from and what they might mean or bring to this world that I wrote to describe a painting called “The Stretching Fruit” or “The Yearning”  

Carefully tip toeing over the waters that flow between this world and that, Lev and Tev balance the wheels of life passed the specters of the self-confident peacock and the darkly playful raven. Risking soiling their finest robes with bird poop, the two of them come for the rare but very special fruit to bring back to the people of earth. A bounty that is not always going to be appreciated or understood as a gift to be cultivated and nurtured but will add to the variety of life in very important ways just the same.

When this fruit is brought back to this world, it will divide and scatter to all parts of the world to surprise the person and the communities around him or her. It will at first cause a spiritual, psychological, and physical diaspora, but in the darkness of marginalization and alienation the fruit will begin to blossom in its’ host causing such a powerful surge of talent and cunningness to survive that it will cause the boundaries of normal to be put in question and stretched. This stretching and questioning is what increases the powers of imagination of what it is to be human and humane. What could be more important?

David Simpson is a Chicago artist and legally blind as of 2000 with macular degeneration and retinal scarring. Simpson was born in Norman, Oklahoma in 1962 and has lived in the mid-west his whole life. He started seriously painting for a living when his eyesight made him a danger to himself and his fellow employees at a local newspaper. His paintings always have a couple of stories to tell.  David also happens to be one of the participating artists in The Visions In The Dark Art Show taking place in Chicago on May 5, 2012.  His website is and


One Response to “The Stretching Fruit”

  1. cagreenholdt April 14, 2012 at 3:53 PM #

    Very nice piece and excellent choice of words. One inverted sentence needs some repair. Can you find it?

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