A Near-Sighted Romance

8 Dec

by Loyd C. Taylor

A few years back I was out on a fling,
So I drove over to a new hot spot;
It would allow me a place to unwind,
And for me, give romance another shot.
I entered the club, feeling some good vibes,
When I saw a beauty across the room;
As tingling chills went up and down my spine,
I had the feeling love’s blossom would bloom.
Aw yes, I must pounce upon this moment,
Good fortune had finally come my way, ‘
Oh, I imagined a wedding bell’s peal,
While thinking of romantic things I’d say!
Then to look cool, I took my glasses off,
And did shuffle around my jet-black hair;
Next, I sprayed some mint into my mouth,
When finished, I slyly slid out my chair.
Next, I trained my focus on her image,
As cat-like across the stone floor I walked;
I tried then to recall some poetry,
Hoping I might steal her heart as we talked.
I would say; ‘Thou art the rarest treasure, ‘
And, ‘T’was fate that ledest me here to thee’
But blindly I tripped, and fell in her arms,
That’s when I realized that she was a he!
As he wrapped masculine arms around me,
The odor from his armpit found my nose;
My eyes froze fixed on his gorilla legs,
As to the floor fell his French panty hose.
My eyes refocused as my stomach churned,
I thought; ‘How did I get into this mess? ‘
Then he said, with the Terminator’s voice,
‘I’ll be back, Dear, must go n’ fix my dress.’

(Poem found at: http://www.poemhunter.com/poem/a-near-sighted-romance/)


One Response to “A Near-Sighted Romance”

  1. Jeff Flodin December 8, 2011 at 9:51 AM #

    Great fun! A retelling of one of my favorite songs from the Kinks: namely, Lola, and that’s L O L A Lola.

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