Snow Secrets

5 Dec

by Marilyn Brandt-Smith

I took the trash to the curb without knowing
For the past few hours outside it had been snowing.
If they said it on TV along with weather,
I guess I must have rolled it all together
With all the other world and national news;
Did our Kentucky Wildcats really lose?
That ad caught my fancy, a wreath for the door,
It plays carols just like the one we had before.
Reds, golds, and greens are memories without vision,
But they’re still real because of my decision
To keep them alive inside and not forget them,
And make it a point of pride to always let them
Help me have a voice when decorating,
Wrapping presents, shopping, and creating
Matching outfits to help me flaunt the season;
But right now my heart looks for a reason
To go outside and play in all that fluff,
Maybe if I’m lucky I’ll find enough
On a place that’s way up high and really clean;
I’ll bring it in and make some snow ice cream.


Better grab that yellow plastic bowl,
My coat and scarf and socks against the cold;
I used to love to see the dazzling bright
Of the moon on snow on a chilly winter’s night.
When I’m done out here I’ll have some fun,
Take a ball inside and toss it at someone;
Don’t need a cane, I’m only here a minute,
Everyone should be out here playing in it.
But it’s my secret ’til I go inside;
I’ll make an angel, stretch my arms out wide,
Alas, it’s time to play my grown-up role,
But I bring them winter’s magic in this bowl.


(Marilyn lost her remaining vision just before Christmas when she was thirteen. Missing the colors of Christmas that year was the hardest part of it for her. She tries to make up for it every year with all the sensory experiences like carols, hot coco, pine and spruce boughs, and snow.)

Marilyn Brandt Smith’s writings reflect memories of her childhood at the Texas School for the Blind (1955) and at home on a ranch in south Texas.  She taught children in summer programs and adults in year-round rehabilitation centers and in their homes. Marilyn also worked as a counselor and a director of rehabilitation for several agencies across the country. She is now totally blind and lives with my family in a hundred-year-old home in Kentucky.


One Response to “Snow Secrets”

  1. Donna Dydo December 5, 2011 at 1:11 PM #

    The poem by Marilyn Smith, “Snow Secrets” was heartwarming. I have a daughter who is legally blind due to retinitis pigmentosa. She is gradually losing her sight but this does not stop her from continueing to draw and paint, this being one of her many joys. She has raised three children while having to work everyday for over seventeen years. She has a wonderful husband who is at her side to guide her whenever she needs help. I foresee her always being independent and doing all of the things she desires to do. As I know, the day may come when much of what she sees now will be memories such as Marilyn’s. I know that she will remain strong and carry on.

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