Riding the Winds

9 Nov

by Marilyn Brandt-Smith

I synch the girth, secure the reins and mount
My seasoned gelding, bold despite his years,
Summers, weekend hours that I can’t count,
We took some chances, triumphed over fears.
We raced the wind through pastures, gates, and farms
I’ve known since I was seven, now half-grown
At thirteen, no foreshadowing alarms
Bid me savor rides I make alone.
Yet in another season I will lose
Some choices total blindness takes away;
Someone who rides beside will have to choose
“Swing left,” he cautions. Is this still my ride?
“Slow it down,” he plans the safer way;
A childhood love is challenged with my pride.


Marilyn Brandt Smith’s writings reflect memories of her childhood at the Texas School for the Blind (1955) and at home on a ranch in south Texas.  She taught children in summer programs and adults in year-round rehabilitation centers and in their homes. Marilyn also worked as a counselor and a director of rehabilitation for several agencies across the country. She is now totally blind and lives with my family in a hundred-year-old home in Louisville, Kentucky.


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