Parenting Stories

31 Oct

If you are on Facebook and are a parent, this should be of interest to you.  We have been invited to share the experiences, the joys and sorrows of being visually impaired or blind parents.  Below is what it’s about and where you could post a story.

Fragments of Parenthood is a collaborative global project based on storytelling that explores the impact parenthood has on mothers and fathers of all kinds.

This is a participatory project that reveals what parenthood is really about: what is lost and what is gained, your struggle to maintain your personal life, your career and how to keep a sense of who you really are. The project aims to expose the most relevant issues faced by parents around the world.

We welcome participation from people across the world. We invite parents and parents to be to share their contributions in the form of a short video, photography, written text, or music. All stories and pieces of art submitted will form part of the Fragments of Parenthood gallery and, in time, we will create a growing virtual tree – a visual depiction of data and a metaphor of the ever-growing ‘tree of life’ that will symbolize the fragments of your parenthood experiences.

In the second stage, Fragments of Parenthood will create an interactive documentary which will be made out of your interconnected stories and cultures, in an effort to represent local and global voices.

Now we just need your stories!

Please visit our Facebook page “Fragments of Prenthood”, like us and share your stories.


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