Bonded Through Blindness

18 Oct

by Marilyn Brandt Smith

Melinda stole the sugar bowl tonight,
We stayed in study hall till almost eight.
With cinnamon and bread in secret flight
We ate it all down by the campus gate.


I never thought when I set out from home
About the boring hours after class.
The lengths to which we go astonish some,
“Don’t break the rules, don’t chance the sure harass.”


I see myself a teacher years from now
And wonder, will I know a girl like me
Who needs to know the when and where and how,
But wants her mind and body to be free?


We’ll find a prank tomorrow to contrive,
It keeps our creativity alive.


Marilyn Brandt Smith’s writings reflect memories of her childhood at the Texas School for the Blind (1955) and at home on a ranch in south Texas.  She taught children in summer programs and adults in year-round rehabilitation centers and in their homes. Marilyn also worked as a counselor and a director of rehabilitation for several agencies across the country. She is now totally blind and lives with my family in a hundred-year-old home in Louisville, Kentucky.



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