20 Sep

by Sarah Martin

A story

Tell a story

Feel the words

The fumbling

Know the sunshine

Wear it like the dress

With the pink button

Folded into the yellow

And orange pleats

Is the child

Who danced

And glided in the air

Holding out little hands

She still cups her hands

Towards the sky

Given away dreams

As the stars fall

From the neatly draped


Burning the child in the soul

The rich earth

Her heart remains nestled

Beside the longing spirit

Her love endless

Even when the darkness falls

She will remain

Sarah Martin is 32 years old and lives in Melbourne Australia.  She was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa at age 16.  Since that time, she has been on a journey of light and dark.  The one thing that has become clear over the
past few years is Sarah’s passion and joy in poetry and exploring her world
through words.


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