A Bicycle Built for Two

5 Sep

by Stella De Genova

Yesterday was a beautiful, end of summer and I did something I haven’t done in at least 25 years – rode a bike!  My husband and I rented a tandem bicycle and rode along the Chicago lakefront.  We went about 4 miles each way.  Since my vision has greatly diminished, I would never ride a bike myself – for mine and the world’s safety.  But with my husband in the steering position, it was awesome.  At first, the feeling of gliding along was a bit scary and I was a little nervous about passing the beaches that are always more congested.  But after a while I felt more comfortable and loved it.  With my husband in the front, I got to sightsee and enjoy the ride.  I didn’t have to worry about my lack of peripheral vision or not seeing much detail.  With the day being sunny, I was able to see the bright blue lake specked with white boats and people and music everywhere.  Our rest stop before our return ride was North Avenue Beach where, many years previous, I used to bring my kids to the beach for the day.  I couldn’t do that myself now, but the memories I have will always make me smile – and so will today.


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