No Limits

4 Aug

by Stella De Genova

As you may know, I did create this blog and post beautiful poetry and essays to Vision Through Words but I, personally, am not a writer.  My creative outlet is visual art and I have been lucky enough to have two pieces of my artwork displayed at the Shared Visions low vision art exhibit in California and now, one of my pieces will be shown at the American Printing House for the Blind’s Insights, a low vision art competition.  My new art site has just been completed and you can see it at

Just recently, I was invited to interview on a TV show called Weekends with Whitney.  It will air on NBC5.2 on September 3, 2011.  You can see the show’s website for details or watch the podcast.  It was fun and exciting to be a part of the show.  The theme was “No Limits” and I was one of four interviewees.  I was in the company of Joel Berman, executive director of Adaptive Adventures, Lori Swerdlow, photographer and Deborah Shemesh, cancer survivor. 

Joel lost his leg in a work-related accident but never stopped moving and now helps others with disabilities of all kinds enjoy great outdoor activities.

Lori is a street photographer, which means she is always on the go.  The thing is, she can no longer walk due to MS but she zooms all over town on her scooter.

I was not lucky enough to meet Deborah as her interview was done over Skype because she is in California.  She had skin cancer but was a bathing suit model and beat the odds for many years.  Most recently, I believe she is a yoga instructor.

We can all see the pattern here and why the theme was No Limits!  Some people may look at any one of us and wonder how we still do what we do but then, we would not know how to stop doing the things we enjoy.  One point I did want to make but did not have the opportunity to squeeze in during my interview is exactly that.  If we were born with a disability or life threw us an unexpected curve ball, our only limitations are the ones we allow ourselves.  We may not be able to do everything the same as everyone else, but with some improvising, we can all find ways to enjoy and fulfill our lives.  There may be days that any one of us may feel a little sad or sorry for ourselves but instead of putting our energy into those emotions, let’s put our energy into finding new ways to enjoy life!


5 Responses to “No Limits”

  1. Mani G. Iyer August 4, 2011 at 2:19 PM #

    Way to go, Stella! I am really proud of you. I look forward to the podcast.

    • visionthroughwords August 4, 2011 at 3:57 PM #

      Thanks! It was a small interview but I mentioned it so I could talk about the motivational aspect.


      Stella De Genova

  2. Deborah Shemesh August 26, 2011 at 12:28 AM #

    I look forward to seeing this episode. Your words inspire me. Thank you posting this beautiful blog. I hope we have a chance to meet, as artists, and as people who inspire
    others with their disabilities. So true, the only obstacles we have, are more than 90% imagined. I see no limitations, only opportunities to share.

    Much appreciation for your post,
    P.S. I have a sister who was born blind, and lives in Chicago, I hope she listens,
    tapes, and hears your words of inspiration. You are amazing.
    My lastest blog, is Coco-demon, I hope you enjoy my story, too long for air time, but
    a good read, and share.

  3. Deborah Shemesh January 14, 2014 at 11:56 PM #

    I reposted your and introduction to FB. I wanted to wish you a happy New Year filled with much success, a combination of preparedness and luck. For me, I am struggling with a new cancer that was just diagnosed this year, after my 3rd hip revision just wasn’t healing at the rate of my two previous hip revisions. With much persistence, I contacted my oncologist and we did biopsies, (two of them) confirming a new cancer called adenocarcinoma with is of the mucosal layer of the skin and is in stage 3. Currently I am am in chemo, 1/3 though, but my acceptance of my challenges continues. It hasn’t been easy being told that I have a completely “new cancer” and I am gathering a new vision, one of marketing my soul yoga, meditation, fashion and fitness. I continue to work with handicapped clients, yet I have a deep desire to complete my Vedic Masters at Chopra Center University – I’m only one certification away from my Eastern Masters Degree with Ayurveda Eastern Medicine. This is my goal, my vision, my desire to keep going requires that I reach out to others who have been challenged, and I need a little fire underneath my asana so that I can leave a legacy of my work, my indomitable spirit, my story.

    There are so few people who learn to transform their fate into unknown destiny, though our stories are different, the journey is the same – the destination is unknown. Please keep me in mind when working on any thing that can promote universal connectivity as I deeply desire to survive this recently new approved chemo cocktail by the FDA. I need the support and encouragement of others who know how to turn their misfortunes into a mass consciousness, inviting a new belief system that we are not the limitations of our biology. You continue to cross my mind frequently, and I hope our paths will cross again providing hope and inspiration to others.

    Much appreciation for listening to me, and wishing you the many successes you deserve. You are my candle in the dark.

    Deborah Shemesh
    Chopra Center Unviersity
    Primordial Sound Meditation Teacher
    7 Spiritual Laws of Yoga Instructor-ERYT
    Artist, Writer, Mentor and Model. (blogging for health)

    • visionthroughwords January 15, 2014 at 7:53 AM #

      Deborah, thank you for sharing your journey with us. I wish you love and peace of mind, soul and body.

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