A Diet of Yellow

6 Jul

by Nancy Scott


In the spring of my first widowed year,
the minister said “Go outside.
Be in the sunshine.”
He knew my new life needed warmth,
grass that understood restlessness
and a diet of yellow.
Ten years later, the minister
has moved west of Pennsylvania’s
anything-possible dawns and dusks–
drought brown to winter white.
But I still walk the same sidewalks
listening for what hasn’t happened yet
as my cane taps
in geography of crack and bend
by a diet of yellow.
Every year, there are mourning doves,
geese, robins, crickets, crows.
Children grow and move away.
Of course there’s a God
watching the weather,
hoping, teaching, shining
a diet of yellow.

Nancy Scott, Easton PA, is an essayist and poet.  Her over-500 bylines have appeared in magazines, literary journals, anthologies and newspapers, and as audio commentaries.  Her third chapbook, co-authored with artist Maryann Riker, is entitled “The Nature of Beyond.”


One Response to “A Diet of Yellow”

  1. Mani G. Iyer July 7, 2011 at 9:25 AM #

    Beautiful! I wish I could write like that.

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